How does it work?

How does it work?

Rolfers™ work in a holistic way, hands-on, re-organising the body-wide facial system. By releasing holding patterns in the fascial system, the body regains its flexibility and freedom of movement and is allowed to find a better balance in the field of Gravity. Often the movement education that comes with Rolfing® sessions helps people deepen their understanding of their own body and encourages them to improve their postural habits that lead to complains.

In a Rolfing session, practitioner and client work together as a ‘learning team’. Instead of just performing a number of skilled technics on a mostly passive client, we believe that there is benefit to be gained by involving the clients as an active partner in an interaction process, for example asking for specific micro movement during the fascial interactions (manipulations/interventions).

10 sessions series

Although single Rolfing sessions are definitely appropriate, since in Rolfing Structural Integration we aim to improve the functioning of the body as a whole, we traditionally work with the “10 sessions series” which is a process originally developed by Dr. Ida P. Rolf over many years to address the body in a holistic comprehensive way. Each of

the 10 Rolfing sessions has a different theme and area which we work on, keeping in mind the individual needs of each client. We begin by opening up the more superficial layers of the body in the first three sessions and introduce the basic concepts of Rolfing Structural Integration. In sessions 4-7 we address the ‘core’ of the body, working on deeper layers and inviting more lasting change. Sessions 8-10 are even more personalised, aiming to integrate all the work in a good functioning whole.

The 10 Rolfing session series is a process. Clients are therefore advised to leave one to four weeks time in between sessions according to their needs for the body to integrate the changes.

What to expect in a Rolfing® session?

Every Rolfing® session lasts between one and one and a half hours. To gain a better understand of your structure and way of functioning, we usually start with a short analysis of how the client stands, walks and sits.

We work mainly on a massage table where you lie relaxed and the Rolfer™ work with his hands on the client’s body by applying sensitive and precise pressure to specific areas of your body. Rolfers work with a spectrum of touch, whose quality varies from gentle to deep and intense. We also often work sitting and standing to help the client integrate the results in Gravity. In a Rolfing session the client is usually on their underwear and a Rolfer often may ask for the client to participate in the session through movement.

After a session people most often report a feeling of deep relaxation, better stability, more freedom of movement, a feeling of re-vitalisation and increased awareness.

Practical information

Price per session: € 80


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