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Kostas Stavridis

I was born and raised in Larissa, Greece in 1982. I have always felt a deep desire to help people and this was originally expressed by my interest in and love for cooking which led me to become a chef. I very quickly became fascinated with the healing properties of food and the healing process of people. During my journey of self-discovery I came to Reiki through my Aikido practice in 2008, in Athens, Greece.

From that point on I became very involved in holistic ways of healing and soon after I became aware of my desire to utilise my hands more actively in healing. At the same time I got fascinated by the practice of bodywork. In 2016 I came across Rolfing® Structural Integration and very quickly experienced the method’s benefits. Thanks to the holistic, process-based approach towards improving a person’s structure and function, and the use of Gravity as a tool, I find Rolfing SI to be effective on many different levels and in many different ways. For me the most interesting (transformation/benefit/change) I experienced through the Rolfing process was that the changes on my structure have improved the way I experienced my life. I found myself stressing less and at the same time being more effective at doing my work, plus I felt I could manage inter-personal relationships in a more relaxed manner. In 2017 I joined the Spectrum Rolfing Seminar and in 2018 I finished my training as a certified Rolfer™ at the European Rolfing Association in Munich. I have been practicing in the Netherlands ever since.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Neck for Supprot Cranium met Hiroyoshi Tahata, Spatial Somatics Instituut, Tokyo, Japan
  • Visceral Manipulation III Pelvis with Mark Bloemberg, Barral Institute Nederland, De Bilt, the Netherlands


  • Exploring the Rolging® 7th hour via Yielding met Hiroyoshi Tahata, Spatial Somatics Institute, Tokyo, Japan
  • Visceral Manipulation II Abdomen II with Mark Bloemberg, Barral Institute Nederland, De Bilt, the Netherlands


  • Visceral Manipulation I Abdomen I with Mark Bloemberg, Barral Instituut Nederland, de Bilt, the Netherlands
  • Translation of the Core Sessions into the movement with Hiroyoshi Tahata, Tokyo, Japan


  • ScarWork with Sharon Wheeler and Jannie Cnossen, ynbalâns, Dokkum, the Netherlands


  • Fascia Research Update with Dr. Robert Schleip, Somadics Academy, Online
  • Character structures with Rita Gras, BivT, Amersfoort, the Netherlands
  • Lower back pain – a holistic approach with Peter Vermeiren, Con Amore, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  • Medische Basiskennis Pro, Con Amore, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Workshop: ‘Ultimatly Rolfing is for the Rolfer’ with Hiroyoshi Tahata and Nicola Carofiglio, Tokyo, Japan
  • Workshop: ‘Em-body orient/occident’ with Hiroyoshi Tahata and Nicola Carofiglio, Tokyo, Japan
  • Rolfing Supervision with Jörg Ahrend-Löns, Munich, Germany


  • Fifth International Fascia Research Congress, Berlin, Germany
  • TMJ Intensive with Peter Schwind, Berlin, Germany
  • In Connection E.R.A Biennial Conference, Berlin, Germany
  • Workshop: The Shoulder Girdle: Support for Self-Expression with Mary Bond, Berlin, Germany.
  • Rolfing Intensive training phase III with Giovanni Felicioni and Andrea Clusen, E.R.A. Munich, Germany
  • Rolfing Intensive training phase II with Harvey Burns, Alan Richardson, Fuensanta Munoz de la Cruz and Andrea Clusen, E.R.A Munich, Germany
  • Rolfing Intensive training phase I with Harvey Burns, Gerhard Hesse and Nicola Carofiglio, E.R.A. Munich, Germany


  • Workshop: “Body Weather” manipulations with Frank van de Ven and Katerina Bakatsaki, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Rolfing  Spectrum  with  Pierpaola  Volpones,  Konrad Obermeier  and  Christoph  Sommer,  Agatharied,  Germany.


  • Repeated  Jikiden  Reiki  Shoden  and  Okuden  with  Takami  Kamata, Oberursel,  Germany.


  • Jikiden  Reiki  Shoden  and  Okuden  from  Frank  Peter  Arjava, Eresos,  Greece.


  • REIKI  III (Master),  Osho  Neo-Reiki  from  Filitsa  Korba,  Munich,  Germany.


  • REIKI  II,  Osho  Neo-Reiki  from  Filitsa  Korba,  Athens,  Greece.
  • Energy Cleaning for spaces from Filitsa Korba, Athens, Greece.


  • REIKI I, Osho Neo-Reiki from Filitsa Korba, Athens, Greece.


Cycling  with  the  local  club  in  Larisa,  Greece,  Reached  semi-professional level  in  1999,  won  the  Greek  national Mountain Bike Cross-country championship  in 1999,  part  of  the  Greek  national  team,  participated  in  international races; the  European  and  World  championships.

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